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Mutic Arkitekter is a full-service architecture firm based in Oslo, Norway, that specializes in the design of prefabricated structures. Mutic Arkitekter is prepared to take on a wide range of projects, no matter how complex they may be. 

The company's core values emphasize creative design solutions that are adapted to the specific needs of each project. Using systematized and prefabricated building solutions to provide a wide range of professional services helps both the firm and the customer achieve success. 

Vladimir Mutic, sivil arkitekt, has been developing the Mutic Arkitekter brand for the past 30 years, and it is based on an integrated design, manufacturing, and construction system. Mutic Arkitekter is a firm faith in its own work's quality. We've been planning and implementing prefabricated construction projects for nearly two decades. We are one of the most experienced organizations in the field. We begin all of our projects with our clients' ideas and inspirations, then use our templates to adapt prefab design concepts to your project's specific goals and budget. Our open-source construction method is completely transparent; we work with our clients and a network of manufacturers across Scandinavia and Europe to source our projects directly from some of the best and most imaginative builders in the country. When there is an instinctive concern for a thorough design process and an equally high level of detail-oriented construction quality management, client expectations are frequently exceeded. Working with this group of certified and insured experts will improve the success of your project.

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